Dr Jennifer Margaret Sandbach (AHPRA Reg. No: MED0001181595&t=Hb83vZifFKGdkAx8byVd)
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Phone Number? 02 9043 5009
Fax Number? 02 9552 3646
Website? Her place of work has a website -
Email address? Her place of work has an email address -
Answers emails? Not in our experience.
Can be seen at Annandale Eye Care, 80 Booth Street, Annandale.
(As per the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency's website)
Male or Female? Female
Med School? University of Melbourne
Initial Degrees: Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery
Year degree/s awarded? 1989
Estimated age? 46+ See the basis for this estimate.
Conditions on continued practicing? No
Specialisation as per the AHPRA website? Ophthalmology.
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